SEIVA ECG CardioTouch

The device is an excellent choice for use in different types of
medical practices.
ECG Praktik can be connected with standard PC. Connection is
simple, can be carried out by a beginner.
ECG Praktik can be upgraded for ECG Stress test and other
software applications.
ECG records database
ECG records are archived using SEIVA – SBASE on the PC.
Recordings are saved to a shared database. The doctors get instant
overview of all examinations of the selected patient.
Using database SEIVA can ECG Praktik work in a PC network and
communicate with ambulatory software.
ECG Praktik prints out on a normal office paper A4. Compared to
thermal paper the printout is of superior quality and time stability.
The visual display is the same as the printout – WYSIWYG.
All 12 leads real-time ECG monitoring can be viewed for an
arbitrary time length and diagnostically interesting events recorded for later analysis.
SEIVA EKG Praktik is powered directly from the PC. Therefore there is
no use for accumulators nor moving mechanical parts such as